Convergent Living develops innovative all-digital all-inclusive control solutions for binding all modern home systems including legacy IR / serial components on elegantly networked, simple to install yet robust control appliances…making your wizardry look very good too!
  • More display type choices than any other systems
  • More dimensionality in subsystem control
  • More cool, animated GUI designs
  • More flexibility for: scalable – semi – full custom
  • More years in smartscreen control than anyone
  • More opportunities to add customization
  • = More Bang / Buck…period
  • Companion smartscreens make you look very good.
  • Engage customers with Flash-animated designs
  • Easily deploy controllers via a suite of cool, quiet, and fast net-connected smartscreens: in-wall + desk + mobile + TV + PC
  • Proprietary lifestyle applications, ‘net content / services, whole home control and entertainment insure your handiwork will get used daily…as a home utility
Why is Companion unique?
  • “No-brainer” award-winning patented control architecture w/o central server
  • No programming web-setup configuration
  • All-inclusive systems drivers, applications, power, and manuals
  • Pre-integrated system drivers and applications
  • Semi-to-fully customizable GUI’s consistent across all displays
  • Retrofit-friendly with WiFi and TV / PC interface options
  • Future-friendly upgradeability and extensibility
  • Single screen possibilities, large facilities or entire communities
  • And the most unique interface design environment in the world…very powerful …the interface matters!
The Interface Matters
  • CEDIA award-winning designs
  • Engaging + Intuitive so everyone can use and understand
  • Years of human factor research and usability testing
  • Contextual hierarchical navigation (vs keypad schemes)
  • Integrated control (through one device, not multiple)
  • Consumer oriented designs
  • Non-technical, user-friendly
  • Not a laundry list of switches, lights or rooms
  • Color enhanced not color washed
SideKick I/O

Now the benefits of the Companion application suite, pre-integrated drivers and inputs/outputs including sensors, IR emitters, relays, A/V sensing, DCv sensing, serial (232 and 485) ports) and more!

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